Additional Information

February is high season in Las Palmas, so please contact your travel agency as soon as possible to obtain good priced air-fares. Gran Canaria has a subtropical mild oceanic climate. The Atlantic is suitable here for swimming most of the year.

Observe that from many cities there are weekly flights to Las Palmas (Gran Canaria) Airport in low price range. Please ask your local travel agency. Make sure to book your hotel for the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, since there are many other resorts not close to the Conference site. Hotels in the area of Las Canteras Beach are usually the best offer. All requests concerning local arrangements should be made to

The Conference will take place at the Museo Elder de la Ciencia y la Tecnonogía, in the centric Parque Santa Catalina (close to Las Canteras), which offers an appropriate scientific and technical environment. All Office, Information and Communications facilities are available there, as well as standard presentation facilities from pc’s (projection and sound) in all Conference Rooms. Any special additional technical requirements must be requested in advance to

For local help in travelling or lodging, you may contact Paralelo 28 Travel,